Stormy Seas At Porthcawl Lighthouse

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but one thing I do intend to do in 2014 is keep the site up to date – and I’ve successfully fallen at the first hurdle, almost! All the galleries have had new images – and there’s plenty more to come – plus I’m going to make sure there’s a few new blogs each month. There’s no reason for not blogging as I’ve been busy taking plenty of shots!

The bad weather of late has been a bit of a pain, but then it does create some dramatic photographic opportunities – especially at places like Porthcawl. The South Wales town has a lighthouse and it’s the location of some popular shots. Myself and a friend popped down for a stormy afternoon just after Christmas and took some decent images despite the rain and cold.

Amazingly there were people walking along the sea wall towards the lighthouse as the storm surge continued to ebb to and fro. Fortunately they got away with just a soaking although I missed capturing the moment as my memory card reached full just at the wrong time. The shot of the day that got away perhaps?

The problem with this kind of photography is that it’s hard to get something new. With the storms a vast number of photographers popped down to capture the event – resulting in 100s of very similar shots. The trick, I guess, is hope for something unusual to happen or look around for an alternative angle. I wouldn’t recommend getting too close to the lighthouse though!

If you do consider taking shots at Porthcawl, especially when it’s stormy then wrap up warm, take wipes for your lenses and some protection for your camera. Gloves are essential – I’m currently using Macwet gloves as they are thin enough so I can operate the camera but also keep my hands warm.