Hi. I’m Jason.
I love to photograph wildlife.landscapes.sunsets.action.pets.lego!!


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Welcome to my photography gallery and blog. This site has had a number of incarnations over the years – including the award winning affiliate blog, One Little Duck – but now it’s the home of my photography. Here you’ll find a mix of my favourite shots including sunsets, landscapes, action and more. I especially enjoy wildlife photography and you’ll find images from my travels to places such as South Africa, Alaska, Carmague and Greece. I also love macro photography, especially when it involves Lego. You’ll find some of my efforts within these pages too.

Richmond Park Deer Rut Photography

Deer Rut

Back in 2016 I attended a two day Deer Rut photography trip. It was most certainly one of the most eventful of trips! Firstly it bucketed down for most of the trip and my camera died after getting drenched. I also ended up following the…

White Horses Of Camargue

Ever since I first saw a picture of the White Horses Of Camargue I knew I wanted to photograph them. What I didn’t quite prepare myself for was how you photograph these wonderful animals. Just over 12 months ago I found myself stood in a…

Snow At Rhossili 2019

Snow At Rhossili

Snow finally hit South Wales on the 1st February and it’s law that you must go out with a camera. Now I’m not hardcore like those who camped out on Pen-y-Fan or who trudge miles through the snow. Instead it’s a nice warm car and…