Hi. I’m Jason.
I love to photograph wildlife.landscapes.sunsets.action.pets.lego!!


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Welcome to my photography gallery and blog. This site has had a number of incarnations over the years – including the award winning affiliate blog, One Little Duck – but now it’s the home of my photography. Here you’ll find a mix of my favourite shots including sunsets, landscapes, action and more. I especially enjoy wildlife photography and you’ll find images from my travels to places such as South Africa, Alaska, Carmague and Greece. I also love macro photography, especially when it involves Lego. You’ll find some of my efforts within these pages too.

White Horses Of Camargue

Ever since I first saw a picture of the White Horses Of Camargue I knew I wanted to photograph them. What I didn’t quite prepare myself for was how you photograph these wonderful animals. Just over 12 months ago I found myself stood in a…

Snow At Rhossili 2019

Snow At Rhossili

Snow finally hit South Wales on the 1st February and it’s law that you must go out with a camera. Now I’m not hardcore like those who camped out on Pen-y-Fan or who trudge miles through the snow. Instead it’s a nice warm car and…

Why Do You Photograph Lego?

Obi Flan Kenobi

Ok so it’s been a while since I blogged. I had hoped to be a lot more prolific in 2018 and was full of intent to get back in the swing of things as 2019 started. Anyway, the plan is to get writing and uploading…