Hi. I’m Jason.
I love to photograph sports.wildlife.landscapes.sunsets.waterdrops.lego!!

Latest Blog Posts

Welcome to my photography website. Here you’ll find a mix of my favourite shots from a mix of genres. Pre-covid when we could travel I especially enjoyed wildlife photography and you’ll find images from places such as South Africa, Alaska, The Camargue and Greece. More recently I’ve been photographing local football teams and thoroughly enjoying this challenge. I also love toy photography especially when it involves Lego and have dabbled with macro and water drops too. You’ll find evidence of my efforts in the galleries and on the blog.

Stuck In Plastic 2023 Playing Cards Challenge

Throughout 2023 I took part in the Stuck In Plastic Community Challenge. Stuck In Plastic is “creative collective of toy photographers” that is mainly focused on Lego but some photographers concentrate on PlayMobil, Smurfs and other toys. Each week during 2023 a challenge was set…

The Horse The Boy The Fox & The Mole Lego Tribute

If I’d been on the ball they’d now be nearly 50 individual blog posts for each of the weekly Stuck In Plastic Challenges that have been taking place during 2023. Unfortunately I’ve only done a couple of posts and really slacked when it comes to…

Come On Barbie Let’s Go Party

As in 2022, I’m partaking in weekly Lego and Toy photography challenges that are set by the Stuckinplastic group which can be found on Instagram and Discord. This year’s challenge comprises of 52 weekly themes with the ultimate aim being to create a series of…

Soho Cameras – The New Name For So Cameras?

It’s been just over nine months since I looked to make a purchase of a Sony A1 camera from a company called So Cameras. In short the experience wasn’t the best and ultimately resulted in getting my bank involved in order to faciliate a refund….

A 2023 Blog Update – Here We Go Again

There must be something about this time in January as it’s almost a year to the day that I updated things with a 2022 Blog Update. After an initial flurry of blog posts things went slightly off the boil although I was still active with…