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Faceless Portraits Using Rimlights

For 2020 Llanelli Photographic Society are running a series of monthly challenges. At the start of each month we receive four subjects and the challenge is to produce a photo during the month that fits each theme. This approach is much easier than a weekly challenge – as we had last year – as it… Read More

Richmond Park Deer Rut

Back in 2016 I attended a two day Deer Rut photography trip. It was most certainly one of the most eventful of trips! Firstly it bucketed down for most of the trip and my camera died after getting drenched. I also ended up following the wrong person in a car convoy which was fun. However,… Read More

White Horses Of Camargue

Ever since I first saw a picture of the White Horses Of Camargue I knew I wanted to photograph them. What I didn’t quite prepare myself for was how you photograph these wonderful animals. Just over 12 months ago I found myself stood in a French bog, wearing waders, about a foot deep in water,… Read More

Snow At Rhossili 2019

Snow finally hit South Wales on the 1st February and it’s law that you must go out with a camera. Now I’m not hardcore like those who camped out on Pen-y-Fan or who trudge miles through the snow. Instead it’s a nice warm car and head out onto Gower. Our first stop was Cefn Bryn… Read More

Why Do You Photograph Lego?

Ok so it’s been a while since I blogged. I had hoped to be a lot more prolific in 2018 and was full of intent to get back in the swing of things as 2019 started. Anyway, the plan is to get writing and uploading photos on a much more regular basis. I now have… Read More

Sunflowers At Rhossili

Last week a friend of mine told me that there were fields of sunflowers at Rhossili. She’d spotted them whilst out horse riding and let me know where to find them. I’ve seen a lot of fields of flowers pictures – mainly lavender – but hadn’t had the time to travel. So, as Rhossili isn’t… Read More

Carrot Cake Energy Ball Cakes

Since my operation and subsequent healthier lifestyle I’ve avoided making cakes using refined sugar. To date I’ve managed to find a handful of recipes that help satisfy an urge for a sweeter treat. I’ve tried making energy balls a few times and last week opted to try carrot cake energy balls. There are just a… Read More

Getting Back On Track

The aim for 2018 was to sort this and my photography blog out and at least for the first couple of the weeks of the year that was on track. Since then it’s been pretty much downhill as I’ve ended up back in the hotseat and in front of a computer for what feels like… Read More

Focusing On The Year Ahead

The problem with being a part-time blogger is that missing one week can quickly become one month and so on. And that’s been the case with OLD and my photography blog ( So to try and be a tad more organised I’ve merged the two blogs. The intention is to be more proactive in terms… Read More

Attack Of The Crohn’s – Part 5

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease back at the end of December 2015 I was told during my first consultation in March 2016 that I’d undergo regular check-ups. The consultant suggested that these check-ups would take place every six months or so. As it happened my first “six month” check-up actually took place in… Read More