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Stuck In Plastic 2023 Playing Cards Challenge

Throughout 2023 I took part in the Stuck In Plastic Community Challenge. Stuck In Plastic is “creative collective of toy photographers” that is mainly focused on Lego but some photographers concentrate on PlayMobil, Smurfs and other toys. Each week during 2023 a challenge was set by the incredible group leaders with the aim being to… Read More

The Horse The Boy The Fox & The Mole Lego Tribute

If I’d been on the ball they’d now be nearly 50 individual blog posts for each of the weekly Stuck In Plastic Challenges that have been taking place during 2023. Unfortunately I’ve only done a couple of posts and really slacked when it comes to blogging about my photography. Anyway it’s time to make up… Read More

So Star Camera & Star Cameras – The New Names For So Cameras

Over the last year or so this blog has received a number of emails regarding So Cameras who eventually became Soho Cameras. Then things went quiet as websites were closed down. Had this company finally decided to stop running their buy and sell photo gear service? The answer it seems is no because they’ve now… Read More

Come On Barbie Let’s Go Party

As in 2022, I’m partaking in weekly Lego and Toy photography challenges that are set by the Stuckinplastic group which can be found on Instagram and Discord. This year’s challenge comprises of 52 weekly themes with the ultimate aim being to create a series of playing card images. All images need to be in a… Read More

Soho Cameras – The New Name For So Cameras?

It’s been just over nine months since I looked to make a purchase of a Sony A1 camera from a company called So Cameras. In short the experience wasn’t the best and ultimately resulted in getting my bank involved in order to faciliate a refund. Interestingly since that blog post I’ve received a number of… Read More

A 2023 Blog Update – Here We Go Again

There must be something about this time in January as it’s almost a year to the day that I updated things with a 2022 Blog Update. After an initial flurry of blog posts things went slightly off the boil although I was still active with the camera. One reason for the lack of updates stemmed… Read More – Five Star Service

Whilst the ongoing saga with So Cameras continues I’ve been busy looking for a new home for some of my camera gear as I look to upgrade. For this transaction I turned to who buy and sell used camera equipment. I’ve never used them before but from hereon they will be my recommended choice… Read More

So Cameras Of Brighton Review – Zero Star Service

If you’ve stumbled across this blog post then you’re probably thinking about making a purchase from So Cameras of Brighton. You may be looking So Cameras reviews just to settle your mind that purchasing from them or part-exchanging your camera is a good idea. This blog aims to help you make up your mind. In… Read More

Bokeh Special Effects & Lego Photography

I’ve not been as active with the Stuck In Plastic weekly challenges of late. In part because I’ve been busy with other things but also a couple of the themes didn’t really appeal. However that’s the beauty of the challenges – you can simply dip in and out throughout the year – whilst also marvelling… Read More

Do You Still Do Wildlife Photography?

One of the questions I’m often asked by people who follow me on social media is do I still do wildlife photography. Pre-covid I was lucky enough to go on trips where I could photograph pelicans, puffins, bears, white horses and even humpback whales. Obviously all these involved some element of travel and covid restrictions… Read More