So Star Camera & Star Cameras – The New Names For So Cameras

Over the last year or so this blog has received a number of emails regarding So Cameras who eventually became Soho Cameras. Then things went quiet as websites were closed down. Had this company finally decided to stop running their buy and sell photo gear service? The answer it seems is no because they’ve now relaunched as So Star Camera. We know it’s them because the design of the site is identical to it’s predecessors. The format is the same and there’s even a nod to the last chosen identity slap bang in the middle of the site.

So Star Camera

No Company Registered?

It’s not clear how long this new So Cameras entity has been running for but their Facebook presence so far only has one follower whilst a handful of Youtube videos have been uploaded over the last four weeks. As you’d expect given previous reviews of So Cameras there’s absolutely no reference to them. In fact in the terms and conditions of So Star Camera it states “SO Star Camera Limited, of Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA”. Lytchett House is used by many companies as their location but as of 22nd November 2023 there isn’t a company registered at Companies House under SO Star Camera Limited.

Fake Reviews

As So Star Camera are new there aren’t any customer reviews on Google or Trustpilot. It’d be a surprise to see a Trustpilot page given that So Cameras’ current page contains a message from that platform that states that theuy “successfully sued this business following their repeated attempts to mislead consumers by using fake reviews. The fake reviews we detected have been removed from the Trustpilot platform”. We’re still looking for a report on this and will link to it if/when we find it from Trustpilot.

So Why Blog About Them Again?

Photography is an expensive business and as a community we should look out for each other when it comes to dealing with online services. When you spending hundreds or even thousands on equipment you want a stress free transaction. I didn’t get that from So Cameras and nor have many others and there’s no way I want to hear of any photographers stressing about purchasing from these guys. So this blog is purely to report the background of So Star Camera. You may come across this blog whilst searching for reviews. Hopefully with the information provided here and on previous content you can make an informed decision before spending your money. Personally I’d stick to well known services like MPB and Wex when it comes to buying, selling and trading your camera gear.

Star Cameras – Update 6th December 2023

Not content with launching one new site to replace So and Soho there’s in fact two. Thanks to a visitor to the blog who let me know that there’s a Star Cameras now in operation. and are pretty much identical although one has an address of Lytchett House in Dorset whilst the other has 1 Brunel Way, Slough, Berkshire. This is I believe a serviced office space. Star Cameras terms say it’s a limted company (Star Cameras Limited) with number 13560979 but that actually references a company called Your Dreams House. So Star Camera Limited’s number by the way is for Soho Cameras which is a dissolved company. Visit both websites and the same customer support box appears – and the sites both show all the same products. Hopefully this information assists you when deciding to make purchases.