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Snow At Rhossili 2019

Snow finally hit South Wales on the 1st February and it’s law that you must go out with a camera. Now I’m not hardcore like those who camped out on Pen-y-Fan or who trudge miles through the snow. Instead it’s a nice warm car and head out onto Gower. Our first stop was Cefn Bryn… Read More

Sunflowers At Rhossili

Last week a friend of mine told me that there were fields of sunflowers at Rhossili. She’d spotted them whilst out horse riding and let me know where to find them. I’ve seen a lot of fields of flowers pictures – mainly lavender – but hadn’t had the time to travel. So, as Rhossili isn’t… Read More

The Icons Of Mumbles

On Saturday 7th May we headed down to Mumbles. The reason being was because Swansea Museum had tweeted that “Bristol Channel pilot cutter Olga will be racing her sister ships in a rare sprint in Swansea Bay. 7-8 May, 10am”. On looking at the website it was advised that the best place to see the… Read More

Brecon Beacons Puddleography

In the current issue (April 2016) of Digital SLR Photography there’s a lovely article about using puddles. Puddleography has it’s called “gives you an alternative view of your surroundings”. A lot of my photography uses sea water to reflect the skies so I quite like the idea of using puddles elsewhere. At the weekend we… Read More

Paxton Tower In The Snow

Whilst there’s been snow in places around The UK, here in South Wales it’s so far been limited to a few flurries and only on high ground. That said I was fortunate to find a snow scene at Paxton Tower. This monument which was apparently erected in honour of Lord Nelson can be found near… Read More

The Porthcawl Storm Yeti Wave

When The UK is hit by storms it’s inevitable that a stock image of Porthcawl Lighthouse being swamped by large waves will be used by multiple media outlets to demonstrate just how bad the weather has been. Waves over the lighthouse is a classic shot and with a high tide coinciding with stormy weather last… Read More

One In One Out!

So here we go again with the annual “let’s keep this site” up to date with new images and blog posts. Last year was a strange old year though with various hurdles popping up throughout the twelve months. These hurdles which included the arrival of two dogs, the sad loss of two cats, an over… Read More

Super Full Moon From Llanelli

This year has been full of Supermoons and the last one of the year is about now – coinciding with a Harvest Moon. Having missed the chance to photograph this I thought I’d have a go at a moon shot. After checking out how to take stunning pictures of the moon I set up a… Read More

Stormy Seas At Porthcawl Lighthouse

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but one thing I do intend to do in 2014 is keep the site up to date – and I’ve successfully fallen at the first hurdle, almost! All the galleries have had new images – and there’s plenty more to come – plus I’m going to make… Read More

Gower Coast Adventures – Port Eynon to Worms Head

If you fancy cooling off during the current hot spell or just fancy seeing the fabulous Gower Coast from a different angle then do try and get on board with Gower Coast Adventures. Last Friday we headed off to Worms Head on the Sea Serpent to take in the views and hopefully spot some wildlife… Read More