Soho Cameras – The New Name For So Cameras?

It’s been just over nine months since I looked to make a purchase of a Sony A1 camera from a company called So Cameras. In short the experience wasn’t the best and ultimately resulted in getting my bank involved in order to faciliate a refund. Interestingly since that blog post I’ve received a number of emails from other So Camera customers who have been in a similar situation.In addition there’s the regular 1 star reviews that appear on Trustpilot for So Cameras all saying the same thing. Amongst the headlines you’ll see “Scam Company”, “100% Unreliable” and “Terrible Service and Untrustworthy”. With that kind of feedback what does a company like So Cameras do?

Who Are Soho Cameras?

Well it seems that what they do is launch a new site called Soho Cameras. The website is similar to So Cameras (which seems to have now been closed?) and comes with a new phone number (London instead of Brighton), a Dorset address, and social media links. There’s also a new company called Soho Cameras Limited which has an address in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This seems to be just a cover address which is used by multiple companies. Companies House does have a Soho Cameras Limited registered with them. The registered officer is different to the one for So Cameras but I understand that the person registered has no affiliation with Soho. However I did find a Linkedin profile for Seth Johnson (which has since been changed to Seth J) that claims he is a “Director at Soho Cameras” even though he isn’t named as one with Company House. That’ll be the same guy who’s the director of So Cameras but going under Setonji Osho, former GB track athlete. Check it out for yourself. Everything on this blog is factual and can be verified simply by following the links provided. Seth J’s Linkedin profile also has him down as a director of a company called GeT Cameras. GeT are specialists in industrial cameras and have offices in The Netherlands, Germany, The UK and USA. GeT have contacted me and Seth J is nothing to do with GeT Cameras.

Same Company! Same Service?

By creating a new company it would seem that the Soho Cameras are hoping to gloss over the bad reviews that accompany the So Cameras brand. To date there have been no reviews on either Google or Trustpilot. I didn’t think So/Soho would venture back in the Trustpilot space given their experiences of the platform. According to this article, Trustpilot “is stepping up enforcement against companies who repeatedly break the rules by soliciting fake and misleading online reviews” and that includes “taking action against SO Cameras”. Referencing back to that Linkedin Profle, Seth says that he’s “currently in a Million Pound Law Suit against TrustPilot for Attacks on Small Business”. However surprisingly there is now a Trustpilot page for Soho Cameras so it’ll be interesting to see any reviews that may appear. I do expect to see Google Reviews for Soho Cameras. When that happens you will probably see plenty of five stars abound because the So Cameras Google reviews were also punctuated with polar opposite reviews. I file that under “things that make you go hmmmm”.

Why This Blog Post?

I’d love to never receive another email or message about So Cameras from a photographer who has been frustrated by their service. Photographers often purchase expensive items and the last thing you want to do is feel scammed, or have unreliable service or use an untrustworthy service. By changing their name from So Cameras to Soho Cameras they’re hoping that with a clean slate everything in the garden will be rosy. However potential customers won’t know just how things have been in the past. This blog hopefully addresses that.

April 2023 Update

As of mid April 2023 the Soho Cameras website has ceased to exist. Furthermore the So Cameras website has also gone. Trustpilot isn’t accepting reviews for either brand whilst the So Cameras Trustpilot page also clearly indicates that they are suing “following their repeated attempts to mislead consumers by using fake reviews, The fake reviews we detected have been removed from the Trustpilot platform”.

July 2023 Update

Just when you think this company had ceased to be then they return. Soho-Cameras dot com is a live website and they’re updating their social media presence on both Instagram and Facebook. The website claims they’re owned by Soho Cameras Limited but the listing on Companies House shows no officers and a default address of Companies House in Cardiff. Everything about this site screams that it’s So Cameras but under another guise. So Cameras Limited are overdue with their accounts according to Companies House. They recently changed their registered office to a mail service facility in High Wycombe.

September 2023 Update

GeT Cameras have been in touch to confirm that the owner of Soho Cameras, Seth J, is nothing to do with their company and there is no association. Additionally I’m still getting emails from fed up photographers who have tried purchasing cameras and lenses and wondering what to do. The main thing is contact your credit card issuer and/or bank and request a chargeback. Banks can do it but it may take a little longer than with a credit card issuer. Unfortunately Trading Standards don’t seem to be interested but it’s always worth filing a complaint to them and to the police. So Cameras Ltd accounts are still well overdue.