– Five Star Service

Whilst the ongoing saga with So Cameras continues I’ve been busy looking for a new home for some of my camera gear as I look to upgrade. For this transaction I turned to who buy and sell used camera equipment. I’ve never used them before but from hereon they will be my recommended choice as the whole process, from start to finish, was smooth, transparent and professional. And that helps make it all so less stressful when sending off camera gear for assessment and sale.

Getting A Quote

Before setting up a quote I emailed customer services about a couple of queries and they were quick to get back to me with answers. Happy with the responses it was then a case of setting up a quote. This is all automated so there’s no waiting around for someone to fire you an email back with a price. If you’re happy with the quote you can then go ahead and arrange for your parcel to be collected from your home within the next few days subject to availability. Now I didn’t arrange collection immediately because I needed to find some suitable boxes. You do get a couple of automated reminders about your quote but what I did like was a personal email asking if I required any assistance. That was a nice touch.

Fast Payments

Once my items were boxed up then I arranged for collection via MPB’s automated system. Picked a date for DPD to collect and sure enough the items were collected. I was notified by email that packages had arrived and that they’d be checked within 2 business days. Contrast this to So Cameras who didn’t let me know the items had arrived or provide any timescale for checking. MPB actually did the checks within 24 hours and I received another email advising of this and a link to enter bank details. Payment potentially could take a couple of days but it was actually in my account within the hour. You seriously can’t ask for better service than that when part-exing or selling cameras!

Highly Recommended

Dealing with was a brilliant experience and I’ll definitely be looking at them in the future for buying and selling. The process is simple to follow, you know where your gear is, the valuations seem fair and payment speed excellent. I can’t think of a single way that my experience could have been improved. My only regret is that I wasted time and energy on So Cameras and didn’t head to a professional outfit such as MPB from the outset.