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Bokeh Special Effects & Lego Photography

I’ve not been as active with the Stuck In Plastic weekly challenges of late. In part because I’ve been busy with other things but also a couple of the themes didn’t really appeal. However that’s the beauty of the challenges – you can simply dip in and out throughout the year – whilst also marvelling… Read More

Close Up Lego Photography

Whilst some of the Stuck In Plastic weekly themes can be quite a challenge – for example creating an album cover – others are a little bit easier. And that was the case for the recent “Close-Up” week. Although I have taken a few lego figures in the environment style shots most of my recent… Read More

We Come In Peace….

The Stuck In Plastic Weekly Lego Challenges are great fun but occasionally the themes don’t always appeal or require a little bit more thought. One of the last themes for January was ‘Science Fiction’ which whilst encompassing a wide range of possible subjects (e.g. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Aliens etc) instantly filled me with dread…. Read More

One Is The Loneliest Number

During 2021 I discovered a group of toy and lego photographers on Discord. Each week the organisers of the channel picked one theme and invited users to participate in a challenge to produce 1 to 3 images on that theme. The themes vary from using techniques such as long exposure, styles like film noir and… Read More

Why Do You Photograph Lego?

Ok so it’s been a while since I blogged. I had hoped to be a lot more prolific in 2018 and was full of intent to get back in the swing of things as 2019 started. Anyway, the plan is to get writing and uploading photos on a much more regular basis. I now have… Read More