I’ve never read any business related personal development books, nor anything along the lines of Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I’ve heard about from other affiliates. However, having recently spent nine and half hours sitting around Gatwick Airport due to flight delays that situation changed. Anyone who’s been to Gatwick will know that there’s very little to actually do once you’ve toured all the shops, had a coffee, had something to eat, read the papers, look at the cars at the Best of the Best stand, and toured round the shops again.

The best thing to do is pick up a book, get comfy (!) and sit and wait! The book in question was Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar. Described as a personal code for prosperity, the book caught my eye simply because it was the non-fiction title of the week, and was also available as a “buy one get the other half price” promotion. the blurb on the back tells you that “The Rules of Wealth analyses the behaviours, the mindsets, and the financial know-how behind becoming a richer, happier, and more prosperous you”.

Is it any good? Well, if you’re into this kind of book then you’ll probably like it. It’s well laid out, easy to read (there are 100 rules, and each rule takes up no more than a couple of pages, making it easy to pick up/put down at your leisure), and does manage to sustain interest.

The book isn’t preachy in the slightest and most certainly isn’t a “hands up if you want to be rich, send me a few thousand dollars” book. Most of the content is just plain and simple common sense! For example “if you don’t trust someone don’t do business with them” and balance work with actually having a lifestyle as well. Templar also encourages readers not to get into debt (e.g. don’t spend it before you’ve got it), not to flaunt their wealth (once they have it), don’t envy what others have, and don’t get money by being bad!

The approach Templar takes does mean there’s some useful tips for everyone – especially those in the affiliate world, whether they’ve been around a long time or taking their first steps in creating an online business. The book won’t make you wealthy (you’ll be £4.99 down for starters if you buy from Amazon, although the RRP is £9.99), but it may help reaffirm or focus your own ideas about wealth and your own prosperity.