The Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW Review

I’ve been on the look out for a new camera bag and was interested to see that Lowepro had launched the Transit Sling 250 AW. This is a small ‘city photography’ bag which means you can carry your basics safely but have swift access when the need arises. It sounded ideal!

The Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW is beautifully made and comes in slate grey. It looks good and stylish. Inside there’s plenty of room for a DSLR, extra lens or two, a few odds and ends and a tablet. There’s an option to attach a small stand too – complete with a clever ‘sock’ to prevent it swinging about. The inside can be customised to adapt for a bigger lens.

Although the blurb says that there’s room for “2 to 3 extra lenses” I did find that the bag was pretty full with a Sony A77 with 16-55mm lens and one additional lens. The quick access flap for the camera was reasonable, but it did feel just a tad too tight for the Sony. On the positive side everything felt safe inside the bag – and there are plenty of side pockets to forget just which one you left your SD cards.

Up to this point I’d strongly recommend this bag for it’s purpose – but there is a downside. The sling is flipping uncomfortable! It took a few attempts to find a nice fit but I like wearing baggy tops – so when tightening the straps to get that fit it bunched up my top. A few adjustments and compromises on comfort were made – but then paying over £80 for a bag to adjust and compromise wasn’t on the agenda.

Lowepro were kind enought to reply to a tweet I made about the bag. They suggested that slings aren’t for everyone and I have to agree. At the moment I tend to carry my camera gear across one shoulder – which is great except it starts to get heavy – so it looks like a backpack could be the order of the day. The Transit Backpack 350 AW – also in slate grey – is a contender, but at almost £100 it might be something to research further.