Saved By The CIA

Imagine the feeling on finding that the Tom Jones tickets you’ve bought for someone’s birthday aren’t in fact for the 21st October but actually for the 20th October and the day you’ve discovered this is …. yes the 21st!

So sure was I that the tickets bought to see Tom at The Cardiff International Arena were for Saturday that even when Jude jokingly suggested I should check the dates the day before that they stayed safely in the envelope where they’d been since about April!

Me deep in the brown stuff would have been an understatement! Jude is a serious Tom Jones fan and as it was her birthday present, miracles were required!

Fortunately miracles and good fortune decided I didn’t need to be in the brown stuff for too long. Not only was Sir Tom playing extra nights in Cardiff, the 21st wasn’t sold out… and if that wasn’t enough, the lovely box office manager of the CIA let us in without the need for extra tickets – and we actually had better seats then we’d paid for!

All this equalled one happy wife who got to see an old welsh geezer sing a bit and wiggle his hips in a manner unbecoming to someone in their 60s! And saved parts of my anatomy being cut off and handed a new home.

Anyway, this whole event left me traumatised and since then I’ve been to the doctor. He said I had what he called “Tom Jones-itis” – I said I’d never heard of it and was it rare? He replied “It’s not unusual”! I thank you!

2 Comments Saved By The CIA

  1. Kieron October 25, 2006 at 10:16 pm

    Taxi for Jason!

  2. Graham October 31, 2006 at 7:37 am

    Classic Jason :o)

    I saw the old man in the now demolised London Arena a few years back, and have to admit it was a fantastic show.


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