Ricky Gervais Humanity Review

On 17th February 2017 Ricky Gervais announced dates for his Humanity world tour. I hadn’t realised he’d already released UK dates when checking tickets for Cardiff on Ticketmaster.

I expected the gigs to be sold out but luckily there were tickets available for The Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. So on 6th March we were on the front row to see the star of The Office live.

Back To The Future

Humanity is Ricky’s fifth solo tour following Science, Fame, Politics, and Animals. It’s his first tour in seven years and possibly could be his last. Having never seen his previous tours I was glad that I wasn’t going to miss another!

The Cardiff crowd were warmed up for the main event by Doc Brown. He provided a few laughs but struggled to get the crowd onside from the off. Brown only hit his stride when talking about fatherhood and how his life has changed. This segment of the act seemed more natural and comfortable. A rap about a duvet meant he left on a high.


However the Cardiff crowd were here for the main man and Gervais received a rapturous reception when he appeared on stage. “Some of you would be happy just seeing me” – and Ricky was right! He boldly suggested he was better than Jesus – plus the fact he was there in person!

He does have a presence and soon the audience were lapping up and laughing with every story. Humanity comes across as a very personal piece of work with Ricky reflecting on his life, social media, career and relationships.

It’s OK To Laugh

The point of Humanity is that Ricky wants to tell us it’s OK to laugh. If we can laugh at ourselves then that makes us bullet proof in a world which Gervais believes is getting worse. The IRA versus ISIS being a case in point!

The subject matters he covers during the show may be taboo and to some offensive, but Gervais expertly makes sure you laugh at the joke not the subject matter. Hitler as a dinner party guest may not seem appropriate comedy material but Gervais’ Twitter related anecdote manages to make it work.

Up Close & Personal With Satan

Ricky’s interactions and reactions towards him on social media are frequently referenced during the show. This includes discussing Satan getting up close and personal with him in the after life. The Golden Globes, Caitlyn Jenner and even his own Mum’s funeral are some of the other areas Ricky’s comedy dares to tread.

The latter anecdote is particular poignant yet brilliantly told so that the audience can share the emotion and laughs. At this point Ricky left the stage and left the Cardiff crowd to depart into the night in good spirits and with no chance of recounting the jokes in his inimitable style.

Don’t Miss It

If you’re easily offended then you probably won’t go near Humanity. But by not doing so then you’re missing out on an education about people who take offence. You’re also missing out on a funny, emotional and thought provoking 90 minutes or so in the company of one of The UK’s top comedians.

Do yourself a favour and see if you can book tickets to see Humanity near you. If this is Ricky’s last solo tour then it’s one you won’t want to miss!

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