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American Playboy – The Hugh Hefner Story Review

Mention Hugh Hefner to pretty much anybody and they’ll immediately conjure up images of a man surrounded by beautiful ladies at the Playboy Mansion. However, there’s a lot more to Hefner judging by the “American Playboy – The Hugh Hefner Story” series on Amazon Prime. Set over 10 episodes, this docu-drama gives us an insight… Read More

Ricky Gervais Humanity Review

On 17th February 2017 Ricky Gervais announced dates for his Humanity world tour. I hadn’t realised he’d already released UK dates when checking tickets for Cardiff on Ticketmaster. I expected the gigs to be sold out but luckily there were tickets available for The Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. So on 6th March we were on the… Read More

The Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW Review

I’ve been on the look out for a new camera bag and was interested to see that Lowepro had launched the Transit Sling 250 AW. This is a small ‘city photography’ bag which means you can carry your basics safely but have swift access when the need arises. It sounded ideal! The Lowepro Transit Sling… Read More

A Look At 43 Mistakes Businesses Make…

I’m not one for reading entrprenuerial type books, but after seeing Duncan Bannatyne plugging his latest book on Sky News I got myself a copy. The main reason for picking up 43 Mistakes Businesses Make… was knowing I’d have a chance to actually read it (plane flights, sat in the sun etc). However, there was… Read More

The Rules of Wealth

I’ve never read any business related personal development books, nor anything along the lines of Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I’ve heard about from other affiliates. However, having recently spent nine and half hours sitting around Gatwick Airport due to flight delays that situation changed. Anyone who’s been to Gatwick will know that there’s very… Read More

Saved By The CIA

Imagine the feeling on finding that the Tom Jones tickets you’ve bought for someone’s birthday aren’t in fact for the 21st October but actually for the 20th October and the day you’ve discovered this is …. yes the 21st! So sure was I that the tickets bought to see Tom at The Cardiff International Arena… Read More

The Force Is Strong In This One

Spent the afternoon in the cinema watching Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and finally George Lucas has delivered a prequel worthy of the original trilogy. Lightsabers, Battles, Humour, Wookies and loads of action made this in my opinion one of the best Star Wars movies…. ever! The downsides to this dark side… Read More