Lego Photography

As well as wildlife and landscapes I also enjoy the challenge of Lego Photography. I have a substantial collection of minifigures and have been inspired by photographers such as Four Bricks Tall. Trying to create scenes with small figures is actually a tougher challenge than it seems. However by doing these kind of shots I’ve learnt about lighting and Photoshop. Check out my blog to find out more on why I photograph Lego minifigures for fun.

Some of my Lego shots feature fitness and crossfit activity. These represent my PT sessions with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp and Becky Hickman. The minifigure with the glasses represents me doing the various exercises. Initially I started this sequence of Lego images as part of a 365 mobile challenge during 2018. I have since progressed to using my Sony to create the images. To be fair I much prefer using the Sony for Lego photography than the Samsung S8.

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