WWT Photo Competition Summer Heat Winner For Llanelli

Over the last few months I’ve been entering the WWT Photo Competition. It’s an annual event which brings together all the WWT centres to try and find the best photos. There’s some decent prizes on offer including a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica and a 7 day activity holiday for 2 to Sooma National Park in Estonia. The standard is pretty high so it came as a shock – but a nice surprise – to learn that my Black & White Egret shot below was chosen as the Summer Heat Winner for Llanelli.

B&W Egret

The photo was taken on a fairly dull day – but with minimal adjustments – I was able to get the look above. By having the Egret to the left and leaving plenty of grey space it gave a nice visual impact. The light, reflection and ripples help to set the environment too.

The photo now goes forward to the national judging and I’ve also a photography course worth £120 held by nature photography specialists Wild Arena. More about that on another blog. It’s nice that the image won – albeit a surprise as it wasn’t one I was originally going to enter. I much preferred my Kingfisher, but then perhaps it’s an image that’s been seen many times before?

It most certainly has made me think a little bit more now about any future entries. A photo of a duck or swan may well look lovely and have been taken well, but is it different from everything the judges have seen before? If there are 30 photos of ducks on the table then will your photo catch the judges eye if it’s the same as everyone else?

Anyway, it’s fingers crossed for the nationals – I’d be amazed if the photo does win as the other entries from across other WWT centres are incredibly strong. Even so it’s nice to get a photo win under the belt.