Wildlife Photography At WWT Llanelli

As this blog and photo gallery develops you may notice that birds and wildlife feature heavily. There’s good reason for this – the Wetlands at Llanelli is where picked up the photography bug and it’s on the doorstep, so plenty of opportunity for heading over there. The beauty of the wetlands is that you never really know what your trip will bring.

Robin 3

This Robin, for example, kindly settled quite close to me and chirped away so that I could get some great shots. It doesn’t always work as well though. You can sit patiently in one of the hides waiting for some action – and nothing happens!

On the other hand there can be madness and mayhem all around with a heron flapping on one side, a bird of prey in the sky, gulls going wild and all sorts of splashes and action everywhere else.

Grey Geese In Flight

Getting a good shot always makes a visit, but the more you visit the more chances you have of taking that good shot. After a few hours of watching you soon pick up on bird behaviour and start to observe them in a different way. Geese are particularly good to practice your photography on as they’re a good size, tend to fly in pairs or more and they like to make a lot of noise when they’re about to take off!

Of course, it’s not always that easy – the one thing birds don’t do is pose happily for the camera! Which is a shame really as it’d make life a little easier!!!!

March Wetland Photos On Flickr