Welsh Open Bathtubbing Championship In Llanelli

Whilst Eton Dornay were hosting the Olympic Rowing Regatta, The North Dock in Llanelli was hosting a sporting event of it’s own – The Welsh Open Bathtubbing Championships. Take one bath tub, a paddle, and someone mad enough to climb into it and you have kayaking with a difference.

Welsh Open Bathtubbing Championships 2012

Unfortunately there weren’t too many competitors willing to climb into a bath and paddle to victory. Unperturbed the guys from Green Dragon Activities seemed to be enjoying themselves – and at least one person (quite possibly now the Welsh Open Bathtubbing Champion) – gave the old tub a try out.

And The Bath Tub Leads...

There were a number of kids watching the proceedings and they mistook the guy below for a pirate. He’s in fact an Admiral – and here he is in action as Admiral of a bathtub! If only Danny Boyle had known about this then he’d have included it in The Olympic Opening Ceremony (perhaps Beckham could have brought the flame to the stadium in a tub?).

Admiral Bath Tubber

From a photography point of view it was a shame that there weren’t more bathtubbers out on the water. I like taking photos of things that are a little bit different, and this most certainly was a little bit different. However, there was a chance for a few nice shots.

If you fancy a try at Bathtubbing then don’t miss the World Championships that will be taking place at the Cardiff International White Water Centre on 1st September 2012.

Bathtubbing In Llanelli Photoset