View Of Mumbles Through Old Bridge Arches

I’ve passed the dismantled bridge on Oystermouth Road in Swansea many times in the car and always thought it’d be nice to use the arches as a natural frame. Finally I managed to get round to taking a quick shot through it during The Memory Walk on 29th September 2013. I’m reasonably pleased with the result especially as it was a quick grab.


In the distance, and towards the right you can just see Mumbles. Being critical, I think there’s an imbalance between the left and right side walls of the bridge which maybe could be addressed on another day. However, the sand is lovely and golden, the sky and sea look nice and there’s just enough people in view to give it a bit of extra interest.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I try another shot from the same location. Natural frames can sometimes really enhance a shot and/or help put it in context. A nice view of Mumbles across the Swansea Bay sands would be a nice image, but the presence of the archway helps give it an extra dimension.

Anything can be used to add a frame to your shot – for example I’ve used castle windows, bird hide views, trees and fences. It’s well worth experimenting to see whether a frame can help enhance your photo.