Taking Photos Of Nick Clegg

Back in April I was asked by a friend if I’d like to take some photos for them as they were receiving a special visitor at their place of work. They wanted a few photos of the visit. That visitor just so happened to be Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – who had chosen to visit XL Wales in Mumbles as part of a whistle stop tour of Wales. The idea would be that I’d try and take discreet shots of the Deputy PM and other dignitaries interacting with the kids.

Kirsty Williams, Peter Black, Nick Cleggs

I happily agreed and was glad I did as it was a new experience. It was good to have to think quickly about shots and trying not to miss interactions or a good photo opportunity. It’s also the first time I’ve shared “the stage” with real life paps who were there from the local newspaper. I quickly learnt that politeness goes out the window when competing for space. Fortunately I had a little more time and access – and managed to take some decent shots.

A handful of images can be found on Flickr the rest of the images are owned by XL Wales.

If you’re ever presented with a chance to photograph outside your comfort zone then take it. Opportunities like this don’t come along too often, so grab them when they do. They give you confidence to try new things.