Sony A77 Camera Error

Having used my Sony cameras for some time now I’ve become kind of tuned in to what I expect it to do. At the start of the month I was in the Peter Scott hide at WWT Llanelli when a huge swan flew in to view. It should have produced a fabulous photo, but for some reason the camera didn’t respond as expected. The focus just wasn’t there.

Angry Swan

Now the shot above isn’t that bad – but it was the best one from a sequence. The rest ended up in the trash! My camera, a Sony A77, ended up back at Sony for a repair. Less than an hour after the photo above the camera announced it had an error. A few switch offs and ons didn’t shake it either!

On getting home and consulting the manual the only advice given by Sony in response to “Camera Error” was send the camera in for repair.

Fortunately I have a back up camera – the A55 – it’s a smaller brother version of the A77 and was a replacement for an A550 that ended up swimming in the sea (not a good thing for cameras to do). The A55 is ok, but only if you have dinky hands. It feels more like a toy camera, but it will have to suffice for now.