Smiling Dragonfly At WWT Llanelli

With the sun finally making an appearance it was nice to be able to make a visit to the WWT Llanelli Wetlands. The ponds are overflowing with water and there’s plenty of greenery around. According to the WWT updates there have been visitors to the centre who perhaps shouldn’t be migrating here until Autumn – so plenty to try and photograph.

However, this visit was all about the dragonflies! Below is my favourite shot from the day.

Smiling Dragonfly

In previous visits I’ve used a macro lens to try and get up close and personal with bugs, but this time I used a 70-400 lens. The idea being it lets you keep your distance and means the bug doesn’t fly off the moment you get the blighter into focus.

The results were quite pleasing, especially as I used manual focus rather than rely on AF. Using manual focus is apparently a good tip with bug photography and I have to say I did find it lot easier getting focus than relying on the camera to pick up the subject. AF tended to want to focus on the plant rather than the bug!

July Wetland Photos on Flickr