Photos At Neath Abbey

Back in November I went to the Aberdulais Falls in Neath to try out some ND filter photography on the waterfalls there – more on that another time. However on the way home there was a brief stop off at Neath Abbey. This is a fantastic location (there was a wedding photoshoot taking place) and best of all it’s free to get in.

Neath Abbey

Neath Abbey is massive and can be quite overwelming. However it’s full of great potential, nooks, crannies and opportunities for photographers. It offers a chance to play taking shots of architecture, through window/door shots, dilapidation and even macro.

My visit was towards the end of the afternoon, when light was failing – but the beauty of Neath Abbey is that I’m sure it will look different at various times of the day. Sadly it closes for access but would be make a fabulous location for light painting and spooky shots.

Black & White Neath Abbey

The location is also a great place to get shots that you can then play with using Lightroom or Photoshop. For example the shot above has been switched to black and white and then the clarity tweaked to bring out the sharpness. I think it gives the image and post-apocalyptic look as opposed to a ruined Abbey.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who then you might be interested to know that Neath Abbey has been used as a location for the series. It’s most recent appearence was for The Power of Three episode (Season 7) when The Doctor spends time with Amy and Rory (Doctor Who Locations).

Hopefully I’ll have time in 2013 to get back to Neath Abbey and take a few more shots.