Panoramic Photography In Calasparra

One of the lovely features on a Sony camera is the panoramic scene option. It allows you to pan across an area and the camera cleverly stitches it all together to create one fantastic shot. I’ve not made much use of the feature though, but on a recent trip to Calasparra (a small town north of Murcia, Spain) it proved it’s worth.

Calasparra Reservoir Panoramic

The Embalse de Alfonso XIII Reservoir is about 10 minutes drive from Calasparra. It’s a massive wetlands area – where if you’re lucky you’ll spot a few birds, get bitten by bugs and maybe see another person. It’s an incredible oasis in the midst of a beautiful area of Spain.

As you can see from above, by using the panoramic feature I was able to capture the sheer size of the area. It’s a useful option to have and saves having to take 4 or 5 shots and then use software to marry them together to make one vista. By the way, one feature of the Sony camera (in this case the A55) I don’t use is the 3D panoramic – to be honest I just don’t see the point of it.

Calasparra will feature a lot on this blog, even though it’s obviously not in Wales. However, it’s a second home and I do visit regularly. When it’s not too hot to get out and about there’s some great photo opportunities in terms of scenery, flowers and general touristy things.

Calasparra April 2012 Photoset