Painting With Light & Fire

In the past few weeks I’ve been heading down to meet up with other camera enthusiasts at the Llanelli Photographic Society. It’s been a fantastic experience and talking to others who enjoy photography has been a revelation. Everyone is friendly and there’s so much to learn – and there’s some serious cool photographs being taken!

Last week was the first camera session with the group and we all piled outside for painting with light photography and to shoot a guy who juggled/danced with fire. Both new experiences and both a lot of fun.

The first shot below shows painting with torch light. The shot was taken with a 30 second exposure. We also tried shots with a pair of flash torches although they didn’t result in the best of images.


However, what was a revelation was spinning battery powered fairy lights. This was taken with a 10s exposure and generates a really cool effect.


I’ve already purchased some cheap lights off eBay and will be trying the above out in other locations. Hopefully I’ll get some similar effects!!

The highlight of the evening though was fire performer, Jamey Hendrix Marshall! He’s starting out and was happy to come along to the club to perform. Jamey did several different sessions and the results were pretty cool.


The above photo has been tweaked a little to improve the clarity. I’m hoping to remove the green light if possible as it’s the only part of the shot I dislike. However, my favourite shot is below.


This was taken by firing the flash followed by a 0.4 second exposure. This gets Jaymey looking sharp, but gets the fire motion. I also like the way the fire is just out of frame.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve not bought fire performing kit from eBay!! Hopefully Jamey will be back at LPS another day as it was good fun to watch and shoot.

If you’re in the Llanelli area and enjoy photography then why not pop along to the Llanelli Photographic Society. They’ve made me feel most welcome and I’m sure you will be to!

Fire & Light Photo Set