Otters At Bosherton Lily Ponds

Last week I was down at Bosherton Lily Ponds in Pembrokeshire. This is an incredible location – part of the National Trust’s Stackpole – that has sandy beaches, woods and huge ponds all within reasonable walks of each other. If you like scenery and wildlife then it’s highly recommended, although take a few refreshments and make sure you pick up a map before you set off!

If you’re very lucky you might also get to see an otter! Whilst walking back across one of the ponds there was a small crowd of people watching the water – and in the water there was an otter playing, fishing and generally being quite social. He was only a few metres away too. Fortunately I still had my camera to hand along with 70-400G lens and took a few ‘ok’ shots.

Otter at Bosherton Lily Ponds

However, the shot above isn’t just “ok”. With this one the otter popped up directly in front of me and just long enough to fire off a couple of nice shots. Distance wise the otter was probably no more than 1 to 1.5m away from me.

Otter at Bosherton Lily Ponds

I’m pretty pleased with both shots – actually I was pretty pleased with the “ok” images mainly as it was the first otter I’ve ever photographed. However, to get some nice close ups is pretty cool.

Bosherton Lily Ponds is an amazing place and is definitely an area I’ll be going back to at different times of the year. For walkers there are plenty of areas to explore whilst photographers have an abundance of subjects – from wide scenes to wildlife – some of which is incredibly accessible but they’ll be more of that in another blog.