Not The Olympic Torch Comes To Llanelli Photos

One of the aims of Croeso Photography is to try and take photos of exciting local events – well if I can get to them! The arrival of The Olympic Torch in Swansea and Llanelli, however, surely would be an event perfect for the would be photographer? Well, yes, had said photographer not been on holiday!

Whilst the flame made it’s way round the local area, I was making my way down to Cornwall for a weekend in a VW Campervan. This was with O’Connors Campers. They get booked up pretty quickly so booking in advance is necessary – and usually without the knowledge that a major bit of excitement is going to be taking place where you live.

Barbarossa Campervan

Anyway, all was not lost and the camera took a trip outside Wales and into the beautiful countryside of Cornwall and Devon. The weather wasn’t the best but the photo below, taken at Tintagel Castle, could easily be of the Welsh coastline (just a little bit wetter perhaps)!!

View From Tintagel

We also stopped off at Drogo Castle – the last castle to be built in The UK. It’s a strange place – more a bodged building job than a castle – but the grounds and views are lovely and it’s understandable why The National Trust are trying to save it. Mind you, the drive up to the castle is something else.

Drogo Castle Gardens

On leaving Drogo Castle, I also missed out on a superb opportunity to capture two Buzzards eating their prey. In fairness there was probably not much chance of taking the shot as they were in the middle of the road – and quickly flew off. There are quite a few birds of prey in the skies around that area so keep your camera ready if you’re ever driving around.

Cornwall 2012 Photo Set On Flickr