Llanelli Sunset & A Happy Boat

At around 8.30pm yesterday evening (22nd July) the TV went into meltdown as details of the birth of the new Prince emerged. Now Royal babies are all well and good but the the coverage seems a bit OTT – so it was a good excuse to leave the television behind and pop out for a little walk with the camera. The result was a lovely sunset and a nice happy boat.

Llanelli Sunset

The above is the beach near Machynys, Llanelli. The image has been enriched to give it a more coppery/golden sunset look plus a vignette. I’m still umming and ahhing as to whether it’s too dark around the bottom of the shot.

Happy Boat

The boat above was on the ramp at Machynys and I wanted to initially capture the sunset behind it. However, the sun was fading fast and whilst not entirely what I was aiming for I do like the result. The boat seems to have a very smiley face and looks good with the foreground sharp and background blurred. The sky had a bit of tweaking in terms of highlights and clarity to bring out a bit of interest as initially it was little too flat.

The boat shot was extra fortunate as the owners appeared shortly after I’d finished – I’m not sure what they would have thought had they arrived earlier to find me take photos. So congratulations to Kate & William and thank you because if it wasn’t for your baby I’d not have left the TV to go out for a little camera shoot.