Llanelli 10 Mile Run 2013 Photos

As Llanelli North Dock is just down the road one thing I’m hoping to do this year is get a few shots of the various races and sporting events that take place there. Kicking things off for 2013 was the Llanelli 10 Mile on 17th February – this is a regular run organised by Healthy Life Activities.

Being organised (for a change) I was down at the start line for the off, or so I thought! Sadly my first shots featured the lovely lady from Sporty Snaps who decided to jump right in front of my shot. I do like to make sure I’m not impeding other photographers when I’m shooting and as she was positioned to my right – we both had a clear shot – so why she felt the need to step forward I don’t know. Oh well, fortunately I was able to get some ‘start’ shots!


The good thing about races around North Dock is that the runners tend to run around the water – meaning you can grab another location after the start. I managed to find a nice spot and got down low to capture the runners as they went past (minus Mrs Sporty Snaps who was slightly further down the road). I think the double yellow line acts as a good ‘line’ for the show below.


Stupidly I played with the angle a few times and probably should have stuck to the one that was working. I also missed the Help For Heroes runner by crossing over the road to try something else – sometimes it pays not to do too many experiments!

With the runners on their way along the Millennium Pathway the best thing to do is grab a coffee and wait for the winners to cross the line. So that’s what I did! It was a a cold but beautiful day – perfect for photos but not for the runners – perhaps that might explain why the winner (below) seemed quite muted in his celebration when crossing the line first!

The Winner!

Usually I’d stop by and take a few photos of the finishers but unless you’re selling them (like Sporty Snaps do) then you just end up with a lot samey shots. Of course you may capture an exciting finish, a celebrity crossing the line or a charity runner so sometimes it’s worth doing a few more. Mind you unless you are right behind the finish line it’s hard to get something good.

Next time I think I’ll try and photograph the start, the early part of the run and then find a nice point on the Millennium Pathway for when the runners do the return rather than the finishing line. I’ll also wait until the last runner passes me before moving position!!

Llanelli 10 Mile Run 2013