Leser Yellowlegs At WWT Llanelli

The Lesser Yellowlegs is an unusual visitor to WWT Llanelli but it’s arrival has sparked huge interest amongst photographers and bird watchers. Whilst I love taking photos of the birds I have to confess to being useless at identification. Fortunately when you’re in the hides there’s usually a knowledgeable person on hand who can spot a Lesser Yellowleg in and amongst other wading birds.

The above is probably the best shot I managed. It was taken from the Michael Powell hide, one which usually yields few results (at least for me). However, on my last visit there was a Lapwing and a Ruff – but both received less attention due to the presence of the Lesser Yellowlegs.

The photo was taken using a 70-400mm at full extension. The bird is perhaps not as sharp as I’d like, but I do like the ripples and reflection. It’s just a shame that the bird didn’t wade nearer to the hide. Watching the birds at WWT Llanelli is great fun but unless your subject is a larger wader (e.g. a spoonbill) or you have a telescope/500mm+ lens then it can be a struggle to capture the smaller birds.

Mind you, you have to also spot them first…