Kitesurfing At Llanelli

As well as enjoying a spot of bathtubbing spectating near North Dock, Llanelli at the weekend I also watched a bit of kitesurfing. This involves surfing whilst attached to a large kite and offers up a world of photo opportunities and frustration. The canopies are big and colourful, but the surfers are doing cool tricks… just how do we get it all in to one fabulous shot?


People heading to the beach with their kit was pretty easy to capture – they look like giant butterflies heading towards the water. In the photo above the image has been edited to emphasise the bright colour.

Kitesurfing - Llanelli

On the water, however, it was a different story. Perhaps trying to capture multiple surfers at a distance was a little bit hopeful! To make matters worse it was pretty windy and many of my shots picked up a few dust marks. Top tip time, remember to give your lens a regular clean when shooting in windy conditions.

I’m not overly pleased with the above shot, but it was the best of a bad bunch. The idea was to try and get the most surfers and kites in a shot as possible. But with kites going one way and surfers the other you really do need to anticipate where things are going.

The good news is that Llanelli is a popular location for Kitesurfing so there’s plenty of opportunities to practice. Next time round I’ll look to getting nearer to the action – that’ll mean walking on the beach rather than sitting on the harbour wall.

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