Jubilee Beacons & Celebrations

On the 4th June many villages, towns, and cities across The UK celebrated The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Attending one event was probably enough for most people, but the day was spent at three different events. First port of call was the start of the festivities at Oystermouth Castle.

This was a frustrating location as it was a little overcast and the proceedings didn’t really get going for a while. In the end I had to make do with a few wide shots.

Mumbles Jubilee Event

This was followed by a trip to Pennard where there was a chance close encounter with The Queen herself. Ok, it wasn’t the real HRH (as if you didn’t guess) but it did offer up an excellent photo opportunity.

Meeting Her Pennard Subjects

Finally it was back to Llanelli for the lighting of a jubilee beacon at Trafalgar Beacon on the Millennium Coastal Path. This beacon was organised by the Llanelli Community Heritage. I really do wish I had a stand (and a warm jumper) by the time it was beacon lighting time though.

Llanelli Jubilee Beacon

These kind of events are great for photos – you often just don’t know what will pop out to give you a good shot. It does help having a couple of lenses on you (or a versatile all rounder) so that you can switch from wides to close ups as you move from event to event.

A stand though is a must for evening and night shots. Fortunately the bright lights of the beacon, a fast shutter speed and a stroke of luck meant that there were a few nice shots.

Jubilee Beacons Set On Flickr