Extreme Sailing Series At Cardiff Bay

Over the weekend Cardiff Bay hosted the Extreme Sailing Series – a whole bunch of short races featuring catamarans belting along and some quite decent speeds, and occasionally threatening to lift out the water! I happened to be in the city on Friday and so popped along with the camera.

I found a nice quiet spot – away from the crowds – down by the Tardis close to The Doctor Who Experience. Mind you, it was incredibly windy down there so may well have explained why no one else was there! Taking photos was a bit of a challenge – the catamarans do move quite fast, you’re trying to cover action at different distances and you’re also trying to watch what’s happening.

On one hand I was looking to take photos of the boats racing (and with their sails and size they don’t half fill a frame), but also try and see if I could get close enough to show the sailing guys and girls in action. Plus of course there’s the thrills and spills…


For example the shot above, which nearly saw the Rothschild boat topple over happened fairly close to where we were. This was probably the best of the action shots from the day or at least best close to disaster shots of the day. It’d have been nice to have got it just a fraction lighter!

DSC07842.jpg DSC07985.jpg

The good thing about Extreme Sailing was that the races are fairly short (around 10 minutes) and quite frequent. This meant you could take quite a lot of shots and also try different locations around the area. Towards the end of the day’s racing the crowds had thinned a little so there was a lot more space.

DSC08226.jpg DSC07949.jpg

DSC08144.jpg DSC08194.jpg

All in all it was fun to watch and photograph. I think I managed to capture a nice mix of action, people and racing photos – although to do that I did have over 400 to look through! It’s a good thing I didn’t return for the Saturday and Sunday racing.

My favourite shots were this one – as Cardiff is probably the only place in the world where you’ll see a Tardis and Extreme Sailing at the same time..


And this one because I like the way the boats have aligned during the racing – giving the shot a nice of proportion.


The Extreme Sailing Series will be back in Cardiff in 2013 and 2014 so they’ll be a couple more chances to head down and take some pictures of the action. Follow the link below for more photos.

Extreme Sailing Series Photo Set On Flickr