Egret In Flight & Baby Bewick Swan!

As we’re having some lovely weather I headed back to WWT Llanelli to see if I could improve on my last attempt at dragonflies. It’s nice to head off to the wetlands with a mini-challenge in mind, but it’s odd how things happen. The dragonflies weren’t playing but I was able to pick off this fantastic bird in flight photo.

Flying Egret

A lot of wildlife photography is about patience and luck – and the above was more about luck. I’d been watching an Egret near the Heron’s Wing Hide when the one in the photo above flew over head. It kindly decided to do a second pass and this time I was ready. I’m more than pleased with the result – but still think I can do better.

Over in the main part of the centre there are some Bewick Swans who have just had a couple of babies. There’s a warning sign on their pen saying don’t get too close, so with one eye on the father I was able to take a lovely pic or two of one of the fluffy white youngsters.

Baby Bewick Swan

The above has been cropped to move the swan offset of centre. I think it makes for a better all round image. I did manage to take a couple of dragonfly photos and some nice butterfly photos too. These can be seen by following the link below.

July Wetland Photos on Flickr