Doctor Who Experience Cardiff Photos

The Doctor Who Experience opened in Porth Teigr in Cardiff Bay on the 20th July. We had tickets for 2pm entry and showed up around 1.30pm in order to be ready for our entry time. Unfortunately there had been a few technical issues during the day so things were running late resulting in the most disorganised queue system ever.

Over an hour later, with little in the way of updates, we finally got ourselves in to the experience. The first half of the attraction is a “run through” Doctor Who adventure where you encounter a few favourite enemies. It’s good fun but make sure you’re near the door to move on to the next part of the proceedings – if you’re at the back you sometimes miss the start of the next bit. We were still collecting 3D glasses when the segment had already started. Doctor Who waits for no one!

Cyberman DSC04969.jpg The Silence

The second part of the Doctor Who Experience is an exhibition of props, costumes, monsters and sets – perfect for taking a few photos. Some of the exhibition area is quite open so you can get some nice shots without too many extras in the background!

Lighting is reasonable. I found that when using the flash it gave a more unnatural look to the props or sets, so opted to try and get in close and use the exhibition lighting. By then switching the image to Black and White in post processing it gave some nice scary effects too – especially for The Silence and Cybermen.

By the way, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the tardis that’s outside. It’s on a plinth to the right of the experience centre (as you look at it) looking out over the bay area. There’s also a signpost to the centre showing a dalek – we missed it, but it’s something to look out for!

For £13 the attraction is good value for money and if you’re a Who fan then you’ll enjoy the experience. Hopefully the queueing glitches were just first day nerves, but that said no one took control of the situation to get things organised. A cyberman and dalek did appear to distract from the wait – and it’d have been nice (especially photo wise) to see a few more characters outside.

Thankfully the hitches didn’t ruin a fun day out.

Doctor Who Experience Photos