An Osprey And Grey Heron

Sometimes when you’re in a hide nothing happens, but this week I was lucky enough to catch an Osprey in flight over the Peter Scott hide at WWT Llanelli. A grey heron had been flying around the area and initially that was thought to have been the cause of a commotion in the skies above. Everything was flapping and squawking and the reason it turns out was because of the fella in the centre.

Heron 3 Osprey Jack Snipe 2

Frustratingly this was the best shot I could get but there was a valuable photography lesson to be learnt. Opportunities like an Osprey don’t always present themselves so being quick to react, know your settings and shoot confidently are important.

The great thing about wildlife photography down at WWT Llanelli is that there are plenty of experts around who share tips and advice. They explained how I could clean up the image above, reduce the shadows and increase lights via Lightbox, in order to improve the shot. They also advised shooting at +1 when taking sky shots in order to get more light into the camera.

Hopefully next time I’ll be ready, but I fear it’ll be sometime before an Osprey returns in camera view.

Missing out on a shot can be quite frustrating, but there’s no point dwelling on what might have been. A quality Osprey photo would have topped off a good day’s photography which featured the grey heron in action and a shy Jack Snipe who kindly came out from the reeds to make a show (top right).

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