Aberdulais Falls & ND Filters

I recently purchased a HAMA Variable ND filter and decided to head to Aberdulais Falls near Neath to give it a try. The idea was to use it to try and take some photos of the falls and see if I can get some cool smoky water effects. The ND Filter lets you take longer exposures in brighter lights – which gives some interesting results.

Aberdulais Falls

After tinkering with the ND filter and length of exposure I was able to quickly get some nice shots. I shared the above on a photography page on Facebook and it was suggested the sky requires some work, perhaps with a grad filter, so it’s not lost.

Aberdulais Falls

The most frustrating part of photographing the falls was finding a decent position. They’re not actually that accessible in terms of getting a full on straight shot (at least not in my opinion). Fortunately there are other waterfalls in the area so it’s high time to go and photograph them.

Aberdulais Falls is a National Trust property and as well as the falls there’s an old tin works and water wheel to look around and photograph. The location wasn’t too busy either (although it was November) so it was nice and easy to set up shots and not feel you were getting in anyone’s way with tripods etc.

Aberdulais Falls Water Wheel

The autumn colours helped enhance the setting – in the above you can see the nice clear blue sky which has been washed out a little in the ND filter photo above. It’ll be interesting to see how the tin works and falls look in Spring and Summer!!

Aberdulais Falls offers a great location for photographers and is an interesting few hours out. With Neath Abbey just a few miles away too this is a good day out with the camera.

Aberdulais Falls & Neath Abbey Photo Set