Goodbye To Mr Grumpy

I can’t remember the first person who referred to me as Mr Grumpy, but I think it started when I was affiliate blogging here on One Little Duck. Now being called a name by peers/friends/acquaintances can be taken in one of two ways – either it can be taken as an insult or it can be taken as a term of affection. I’ve actually taken it both ways plus used it in a self deprecating way, but to be honest, I’m never 100% sure how some people direct it at me. In fact it seems to have become less funny and I can tell you that it does offend me more than it used to.

The definition of “grumpy” is “bad-tempered and sulky”, but I’m rarely bad tempered and probably as sulky as the next person. On the flip side, I most certainly don’t walk around with a big emoji grin on my face (although inside I may be full of the joys of spring). I don’t take crap from people and definitely am not shy about speaking my mind, especially when something needs addressing – but that’s not being grumpy, is it?

Advertising Standards

As mentioned above I have used “Mr Grumpy” in a self deprecating way and one of the funniest things that has happened actually originated from this blog back in 2011. One of the footers said something along the lines as “Jason is often known as Mr Grumpy, but he’s actually very happy down in South Wales”. One of our competitors brought this up as a line of defence when we reported their company to ASA for making a denigrating review of Loquax. Basically they suggested the complaint was only brought about because I was grumpy. Erm! No! The complaint was because their company was acting out of order. We won! I was happy.

However, for every funny thing that crops up, there’s some not so funny things. Like having someone suggest they dislike you because “you’re always grumpy”. Now if that’s your opinion from reading a blog or not knowing me in person than fair enough, but as a complaint from someone who was a “friend” for a few years until they went a little weird, it came as an insult. Almost as though they knew exactly what to say so that they would offend me. Perhaps that says more about them…

What Grinds My Gears

Anyways, I started to really look at this whole “Mr Grumpy” persona thing. I’m a very analytical and self critical person so started to wonder if I was always “bad-tempered and sulky”. I’m told that I’m not by those who genuinely know me – so that’s good to know. Perhaps I could have inspired more joy-joy feelings in the past, but I guess I can claim “illness” in some mitigating circumstances. Being fatigued, tired and ill does make you a little less lovely to be around. And yes, in theory, I could have been ill for a pretty long time, but who knows?

However, after a lot of self searching, I finally decided on a conclusion. I concluded that my attitude will often be a reflection on those or what is around me. If affiliate marketing is serving up lemons (like Foxy Bingo closing their affiliate program with 2 days notice) then it will grind my gears into action and I may not be best pleased. Similarly, if I’m having to deal with forum issues at silly o’clock then I won’t be a bundle of joy. And, I’m sorry to say, that if I don’t like someone’s company or attitude towards me then I can safely say Mr Happy won’t be buying the drinks or interacting on social media.

Hello Mr Happy

So what now? Well, from now on I’m not going to be so self deprecating to myself. No more referring to myself as Mr Grumpy! I do try to smile more – that’s one of the things I set myself after the operation – but that also comes naturally because I’m not feeling tired, run down, or around toxic people.

Ideally I’d also prefer if anyone I know would stop referring to me as “Grumpy” – I’ve actually got loads to be happy about. I’m alive, I’ve got the loveliest partner in the world (that’s Jude btw) plus two stupid dogs and three needy cats for company.

Come to think of it, the only thing that makes me grumpy these days is being called grumpy. So don’t do it… ta!