Don’t Lose Visitors After They Enter Your Competition

Considering we’re in a business about getting visitors, making them interact on site, and hopefully convert to paying customers it never ceases to amaze me that “thanks for entering our competition” pages are so badly done. From an affiliate perspective it’s a real downer as quite often that’s our only opportunity for the visitors we send to get hooked in to buying, but from a siteowner perspective it’s like waving goodbye to the person who’s just arrived.

Here are a few examples of what I mean!

“Continue Shopping” isn’t a great call to action. This page could show some special offers, a one off deal or perhaps even a discount code with an option saying “email this code to me”. There’s nothing here to make me want to stay on site. don’t fair much better!

Now some sites direct link to their pop up competition pages, so if they do this what will the visitor see in terms of deals, promotions, and latest offers? Nothing! Now many people will say “ah, but competition people won’t buy anything” and that’s fair comment but the odds of them doing so must increase slightly if they see something other than a blank page?

Nothing means they could just go for a Burton!

“Start Shopping Here” is fine, but would you click? These page needs related film goodies or something to capture the visitor’s interest. Marketing people need to get the person who codes the site to automatically put the same details on the thanks page that they put on the rest of the site.

Don’t let them say “it can’t be done” – it can be done! If you can pass out offers to affiliates you can put details on these pages.

Hallelujah! Well done Firebox – this is good!

Although to be a tad critical it doesn’t quite go far enough (I know I’m harsh). I’d like to see something like “as a thanks for entering the competition we can offer you XYZ discount or Putty Monsters, the winner of our Invention competition, at a special price”.

Now I don’t know if it’ll improve our conversion rates with merchants. It can’t hurt it anyway as for many we have Yazz Stats (the only way is up). However, all merchants and siteowners running competitions should be thinking about the journey of their users through competitions.

They do the nice landing page, they might even remember the “thanks for entering email” (none of the above do), but very few people bother with the “thanks for entering page”.

In fact by putting nothing on it, you might as well automatically close the site down once someone’s filled in their details to enter your carefully crafted prize draw. With nothing offered to encourage them to stay (or revisit without that thanks for entering email) you’re essentially shutting the door on them.

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  1. matt July 29, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    haha ‘Yazz Stats’

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