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Should You Be Running A Facebook Competition?

Ask any social media person how you should go about getting more likes and followers on Facebook and it’s more than likely competitions will be mentioned. There’s no doubt that the lure of giving something away will attract plenty of followers, lots of “liked and shares” and links on lovely places such as Loquax. But… Read More

12 Top Tips for Running Twitter Competitions

Over on the Loquax blog I’ve written article titled Time For Twitter To Improve Contest & Competition Guidelines. The article outlines some of the problems that arise from Twitter contests and includes a few ideas on how things could be improved. As many merchants and affiliates use Twitter to give prizes away I thought it… Read More

Don’t Lose Visitors After They Enter Your Competition

Considering we’re in a business about getting visitors, making them interact on site, and hopefully convert to paying customers it never ceases to amaze me that “thanks for entering our competition” pages are so badly done. From an affiliate perspective it’s a real downer as quite often that’s our only opportunity for the visitors we… Read More

So You Want To Run A Competition? – Part 2

Setting up a competition or prize draw is fairly easy. However, getting it right isn’t always as straightforward. With a little bit of forethought and organisation it is possible to set up a competition and get it to achieve your aims. The competition mechanic is incredibly important – Do you want to ask a question?… Read More

So You Want To Run A Competition?

Surprisingly given the area we work in, this blog has offered little help or advice to affiliates and/or merchants who are thinking of running competitions. The main reason for that is that we do have a Webmaster’s Guide to Competitions and whilst some of the examples are in need of updating the basics are pretty… Read More