Debate continues to rage over the use of “click to reveal” on voucher code sites. Click to reveal can be either a click or a copy/paste action to reveal a code followed by a window opening allowed the consumer to visit the website. Essentially it’s click to gain content via an incentive in exchange for dropping a cookie. Personally, I find this mechanism questionable and yes I’d like the practice to be stopped and networks to enforce that – but I’m open to debate and explanations if the mechanism can be fully justified as being fine.

My argument here is simple.

1. Pop Under/Overs are not allowed. The mechanism here is forcing a click when a user arrives on a page (they get content) and a window opens up for the merchant.

2. Click to Reveal is allowed. The mechanism here is that as the user is staying on the page (they get content) the cookie can be dropped!

3. Incentive to click is also defined as a forced click in affiliate marketing.

If setting a click for content is not allowed for pop under/pop over – then why is it allowed for a one word voucher code? Surely it’s getting content as well as incentivising the user to click and burn a cookie?

Can anyone in affiliate marketing offer an argument that can justify the use of click to reveal, where there’s a code, as not being a forced click or an incentive to click?