Imagine the scenario 10 or 20 years from now! I’m having a reflective moment and wondering what’s been the highlight of my affiliate marketing career (hopefully by then retired and looking after ducks and chickens)! Could it be the money? The success of Loquax and the many users we’ve helped win cool prizes? Or perhaps it might be working in an exciting industry with a bunch of lovely (well mostly lovely) people?

Nope, it’s none of them … it’s meeting Matt Le Tissier at A4UExpo! (*)

As a lifelong (and currently suffering in agony) Southampton supporter I’d like to thank Sky and Stream 20 for providing the VIP room at A4UExpo. I know some people thought it segregated the event, and under any other circumstance I’d agree – but Le Tiss is Le God so on this occasion I’ll make an exception!

I’ve never been into hero worship, but players like Le Tissier are rare. At times he basically was the main reason behind Saints staying up or going down. His talent was underused by England, but he stayed loyal to Southampton and his passion for the club still remains.

So having the chance to meet him was a bit special!

If a cat that has got the cream is happy, then I was happier than a cat who’d got the cream and decided they liked it so much they’d buy the company before partying with a bunch of sexy ladies who love cats and cream!

Matt Le Tiss

Ah yes, sometimes this affiliate marketing milarky can be, in the words of Peter Griffin, freakin’ sweet!

(*) subject to change!