After almost 11 years of doing affiliate marketing and running the same site it’s perhaps not too surprising that occasionally you suffer a little bit of demotivation. I tend to suffer this when I start reading about all the latest bits and bobs that I’m supposed to be doing in order to improve my affiliate marketing career…

Things like mash-ups, social media, twittering this, facebooking that and having countless web 2.0 ideas, blogs, sites and killer apps really frustrate me – should I be adding them to our sites? Will our users expect them? Will we get left behind if we’re not on the social media ball? It all just gets a bit of a blur and sometimes it does feel (that even at 38) that AM is a young dudes game (or at least one for people who understand a totally different language).

Of course that isn’t entirely true, and even without knowing a mash up from a killer app, the “old school” can still pull a rabbit or two out of their grubby pyjama bottoms (if they ever get out of them), especially when it comes to finding ways to get keep that excitement level of being involved in AM at a high enough level.

One thing I’ve found over time is that no matter how frustrating AM or site management can become there’s always something different to break up the monotony or to reaffirm that perhaps the pathway you’re on isn’t that bad and that perhaps there’s no need to be overly worried about web 2.0 gobbledygook.

For example in the last week we were contacted by a TV producer to discuss our views on win a house competitions as they had an idea for a programme! I’m a big fan of one good turn usually results in another at a later date (especially where journalists are concerned) so I’m always happy to help out in these kind of situations.

If nothing else it at least shows we either know what we’re talking about or appear quite high up on Google for some terms and no one else was available to talk to these people – LOL! Whilst it won’t result in a small screen debut it’s nice to be asked for opinion and comment. We all love the odd ego boost, so make the most of them when they come along

Having several sites can also help keep you motivated. Not only is it an additional challenge, working on a different subject helps break up some of the monotony of focusing on the same site day in and day out. As daft as it is getting just a few sales through for example our (probably requires updating by now, but it did ok over Christmas) charity site Donate To can be equally as satisfying as doing business through Loquax.

Even writing your own blog can help take away some of the frustrations that working in AM and/or running a web business can throw up. Firstly it’s much cheaper than therapy, you don’t have to leave the house or even computer desk to do it (bonus), and if you’re very lucky someone somewhere will pay to advertise on your blog so you can earn money whilst trying to re-motivate yourself through blogging.

Another good motivation tool is just taking a break. Like many affiliates I find that it’s very easy to allow AM and site management to become a 24/7 entity. Even a few hours away from the PC can help recharge the old batteries, clear your mind and get you focussed on what you’re doing and why! Most of my best new ideas tend to occur when there’s not a computer to mess around with!

However, if all that fails to keep the affiliate passion burning then it’s time to take a real holiday. Get away from the computer and leave things to get on with themselves… it’s scary but it has to be done! More often than not you’ll find everything exactly as you left it and you’re ready to take on the world again…

So what exactly is a mash up??