One of the things I’ve come across lately whilst chatting with affiliate managers is that they’re being asked more and more to write unique content for affiliates. In some cases they’re happy to do this especially if it means getting their clients on a popular website or blog, or kick starts an affiliates promotion.

However, I’m slightly concerned, especially as I get the feeling (and this is just a personal observation) that writing content is not always something AMs want to be doing.

To get content you either do it yourself or pay someone to do it! In some cases (for example on OMG) there’s copy that can be used – but few networks have a open resource of “free content” for affiliates to use.

My outlook is that it’s my job to write content and promote merchants – and that whilst assistance to get things started (perhaps an email of latest offers or promotions, or a paragraph of content that can be adapted or added too) is fine – I’d not feel too happy demanding that an affiliate manager sits down and generates content for my site on a regular basis.

So if you don’t have time to do promotion yourself and want content then surely you have to pay for it? If that’s the case shouldn’t AMs just turn round to an affiliate and say “yes we’re happy to give you content, but it’s going to cost you”?

Or has the role of the affiliate manager changed to become a copywriter for affiliates?

Should affiliates expect affiliate managers to write content for them?

And if so should they be paying for it?