Now Don’t Forget To Write Your Own Content!

Getting set up with a website seems so much easier these days. Pick up a free CMS like WordPress, find some nice free theme like Revolution, create content with the various content options from the likes of Paid on Results, Affiliate Window or, and then grab yourself some content through sites like Kieron’s new Content Now.

Now the latter is going to cost you a few reasonably priced pounds and there’s still work to be done to develop your website into an online business, but compared to even a year or two ago putting a site together is a lot simpler.

Now I’m not going to knock content generation services and I’m sure Kieron is on to a winner with his new business, however the point of this blog is to remind you to keep generating your own content too.

There are plenty of arguments for paying for content! Time, quality, constant source of content are just some examples, but I’m a firm believer in that if you don’t try and write your own content as well you’re missing out on several important lessons.

1. It helps refine your own writing style & personality.
Giving your website a certain personality – especially when blogging – is important. Of course you could always pay for content generation and refine it to your own style (and remembering to include any affiliate links/content) – that’s a useful compromise – but putting your mark on your website will help make it different to another.

2. It sparks further creativity and research.
This for me is the most important reason for doing your own writing.

For example I may be writing on Fight Climate Change and discover something useful for inclusion for DonateTo (At this point I’m regretting using these two examples as they’re currently in need of new content, but hey you get the idea).

Someone researching and writing for you might miss a “niche” for a brand new site (or content for an exisiting one), which you may have spotted had you done it yourself.

3. It helps you figure out what works, and what doesn’t.
Knowing what works and what doesn’t is also important. Does a formal style generate more sales than a jokier approach to your content? Does Google like some content and not others. Again you can apply this to paid for content, but imo it’s harder to analyse something someone else has written versus something you’ve written for yourself.

4. If your content involves coding you can learn!
When I started doing web stuff I couldn’t do HTML or PHP – my business partner would probably say that’s still the case – but often I need things done like “now”! As over time, through putting together written content I can do some techie stuff it means we can be up and running with content and ideas without delay.

Time is the biggest battle an affiliate will face and content generation services will most certainly help you win that fight – so do explore what they offer – but do make sure you keep researching and trying to write your own stuff too!

Content is most certainly king, but only you can add your own unique stamp to your content.

2 Comments Now Don’t Forget To Write Your Own Content!

  1. Kate June 25, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Yeah, gone are the days when you could just stick up a website and leave it there. My visitor stats certainly take a leap after new content is added or updated. However for those whose sites are not using CMS, WordPress etc, it takes a bit of time. Lesson to be learned here!

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