Move Farrow to Monday to Get Time Off For Good Behaviour

There are a few goals for 2010 blog posts from affiliates already in the blogosphere, but none have a Blackadder quote in them.. until now. To best describe my goals or resolutions for 2010 it’s over to Lord Percy Percy and these immortal words from the Blackadder II episode called Head.

As you know, we are scheduled to execute Drake and Ethingham on Monday. Lord Farrow on Wednesday and Buckingham and Ponsonby on Friday. But in order to give us the middle of the week off Lord Blackadder has decided to move Farrow to Monday. Let’s just say he’s got time off for good behaviour!

The point of the above is that why spend time doing stuff on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when, with a bit of organisation, we can do it all in a simplified way and have some time off.

And that’s exactly the plan for 2010.

Now usually the idea of blogging about resolutions is that you think of them, write about them and never do them. Not so in this case. Over the last few days a couple of sites (which are custom CMS and not WordPress) that fit very well into the Blackadder quote above have been coded accordingly so now rather than requiring attention every other day…. they now require attention once a week or less.

In fact, whilst working on the sites today, they now don’t require my attention for most of the month. This means they’ll run happily for the next few weeks! Unfortunately Loquax, itself, doesn’t afford us that luxury, but it does mean the time gained can be used to look after the things that end up encroaching into weekends and evenings.

And that should mean weekends and evenings become free to do other stuff… like Blog, Twitter and Facebook take Jude out!

So, my affiliate resolutions for 2010 are simply be focused, be organised and try and take a bit more time off – it might help make me enjoy the industry a bit more than I currently do (in the words of Morrissey, AM “I still love you, only slightly less than I used to”) too.

That last line may raise a few eyebrows (it may not) but some things during 2009 changed my perception of the industry a great deal. Yes it’s still fantastic to work in, but the rose tinted glasses of a few years back have been replaced by contact lenses and reality truly helps focus the mind.

And there we are back to focus. There’s no point losing your head over things you can’t control, so the best thing to do is move Farrow to Monday and give yourself some time off for good behaviour.

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  1. Elaine January 5, 2010 at 9:20 am

    and I’m getting my eyes lasered asap (well as soon as I’ve plucked up courage to make the appointment) – so ‘I can see clearer now the rain has gone, I see all obstacles in my way …” – so me and you both – and Jude and Dave – are all going to be working smarter and chilling out more in 2010

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