Learning From Affiliate Christmas Past

Way back in the day we launched a festive shopping site called Xmastime. It still ranks, it still gets some traffic and over the years it’s had various refits. This year we’ve not touched it – no time and no inclination are perhaps the best reasons. Trying to guess what others want for Christmas whilst losing the will to live due to the lack of festive banners from merchants is not a good combo.

Planning For Affiliate Christmas

If you are running something Christmassy (and we are doing some stuff over on Loquax) then a few hints and tips never go amiss. Over on A4U they’re publishing hints and tips for affiliates from networks (Part 1, Part 2). That’s all well and good and very useful, but from an affiliate point of view should you be dropping everything in favour of the festive promotions and umpteen incentives that will be falling into your inbox.

Well I don’t think so… and rather than rewrite a whole new blog I’ve located my Planning For Affiliate Christmas blog from 2009. Hopefully it gives you a few useful bits of advice about jumping aboard Santa’s Sleighful of Incentives and Promotions for Affiliates (or Performance Marketeers).

Some Top Tips

The most important tips I can offer are be wary of the distraction Christmas can bring, be organised, and don’t be tempted to deviate too much from what you know. The endless emails of incentives, promos and commission chops and changes can be incredibly distracting – try and view them rationally and sensibly. A trip to Dubai might be a nice incentive, but is trying to win it at the expense of the last 11 months work? Just think about it!

By the same token, if you promote Widgets and Merchant X has been doing bumper Widget sales for you all year – now’s not the best time to test out Merchant Y and thrown Merchant X to the side. You might well find that Merchant X may offer you 5% commission and you get sales but Merchant Y may tempt you with 10% but sucks at conversion. Of course Y may just be a surprise – but if so why have they waited until now to get your business?

Organisation is also key to this time of year. To be honest Christmas Tips in mid-November is a little bit late in the day. Most affiliates looking to cash in will already be up and running (e.g. Quidco have had a Christmas countdown since the start of November – and that doesn’t organise itself overnight). You can still jump on board but try and fit Christmas in to what you do day to day.

Merchants, We Still Want Your Christmas Promos!

For us it’s not all bah humbug and Scrooge! Plenty of merchants run competitions around this time of year and if they get in touch with us with a little bit more detail then we’ll happily feature them on our blog – as we’ve done with John Lewis. It fits in with our site, has something that will interest our users and is great content. A perfect combo for us as an affiliate… and to be honest has more chance of generating a sale than if we spent the next few weeks updating Xmastime!

Any merchants/networks/AMs who want to know how they can get on to our blog then just get in touch… as long as there’s a competition angle we can use it!

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