I Should Have Gone To Prison This Week

As the title says I should have gone to prison this week. Now, sorry to disappoint folks it’s not a Norman Stanley Fletcher moment! The prison I should have spent my birthday at is the famous Alcatraz, San Francisco. The last few years we’ve gone away for a break at this time of year. Christmas isn’t really a break so this makes up for it. The last couple years we’ve been to Cuba and Florida but this year we fancied something different this year.


However, a number of things however conspired together before departure and we made the decision to move travel to another time. The coup de grâce was the central heating boiler “dying” at 5am on the morning we were meant to be heading through ice and snow to Heathrow. By the time it was fixed we’d changed dates. One advantage of being an affiliate is that if your holiday plans go the way of the pear you can switch them without any major problems with the boss.

In hindsight it’s been a blessing in disguise. For the last 8/9 days I’ve been hit with cold/flu (nowt like Hannah’s swine flu) whilst the wintry weather conditions has seen the Northern half of the Loquax team effected by school closures.

Fortunately a lot of content has already been written for this week so I’ve not had to do much work wise, but “being off ill” most certainly should appear on Lammo’s working from home sucks. Watching Jeremy Kyle in the morning and afternoon is not a novelty when you’ve been able to do it for many a month. I’ve been stuck with a desire to do things but the inability to do them. Very frustrating!

Contingency in the short term!

If you work for yourself, especially as an affiliate there’s a tendency to just keep going, however you’re feeling. The PC is after all just around the corner if you work from home and a few hours “won’t hurt”. Read some emails here, do a bit of content there… it’s all a lot more draining if you’re not 100%.

If as you’re working day to day, try and factor in a bit of additional contingency – “just in case”. You could perhaps do this by preparing content and articles for few days in advance or even teaching a partner who can take on a few of the day to day responsibilities whilst you take time off. Then when those Lemsip (foul evil stuff btw) days arrive you can just concentrate on vegging in front of the TV for a few days.

You could of course just switch everything off and ignore all emails and contacts and let things be! But, if you’re anything like me you’ll be itching to get things done or want to know what’s happening. Even if you’re getting told off for working by the lovely Nurse Jude (thanks dear).

However, even I know when it’s time to rest up and so I’m going to at least try and take it easy for the rest of January… and I’ve still got that holiday to look forward too!

3 Comments I Should Have Gone To Prison This Week

  1. Hannah Swift January 15, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    I know swine flu is bad, but i’d never wish man flu on anyone! Glad you are on the mend now!

  2. James January 15, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    I have tried on so many occasions to say to myself -“I’m not going to turn on the computer today” and every time I fail! Affiliate marketing is one of the most addictive things I know.

  3. Elaine January 17, 2010 at 9:36 am

    If you’re going to be ill or have to change holiday plans – this is the best industry, everything is so flexible – although Dave’s taken a bit too much of a liking to doing ‘nowt – might have a problem getting him back to work 😉 but oh so looking forward to that postponed holiday.


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