Doesn’t time fly by when you’re having fun! This weekend Loquax becomes 11 years old. The first two years were “part time” but I’m now in my ninth year of running things full time… not bad for a site that we expected to last a few months and one we had no idea whether we could afford to run several times during the early years.

Despite existing this long we’ve spent very little (actually almost nothing) on PPC and not used Google Adsense on the site. Our advertising budget over the last few years has probably been around Β£1000 – in fact we’ve solely grown organically. Sometimes I wonder “what if” had we done things differently or had we embraced PPC, but on the other it’s extra work… and I can find enough extra stuff to do without having to spend money to do it!

Are we happy? Well, yes… can’t complain (although it may sound otherwise at times)! Every day Loquax exists is a bonus because we never expected to last this long, nor did we expect to be in a position to work as we do. Yeah sometimes it’s a pain but it’s our business, it pays the bills and it can be a lot of fun too! In fact it’s the best job in the world.

Any regrets? Personally I sometimes wish I’d stayed a lot quieter on forums and blogs (even my own)… speaking out, questioning and having an opinion isn’t always the easy route to smooth business relations … but then I’d rather say as it is and hope people take that as a good thing.

At least by being upfront and honest you soon discover the nature of others … fortunately there’s some good decent folks in the industry and we’ve been fortunate enough to make some genuinely decent mates along the way.

Would we sell? A year or so ago I was asked about selling Loquax at Expo. My answer, I think, shocked them! I just said “no, we’ll switch off the site and stick up a picture of a duck sat on a sunny beach drinking a cocktail with a note saying thanks – we’ve gone on holiday”. I think he thought I was being funny… I wasn’t… and the answer still stands (mind, never say never!).

Another 11 years? If in 11 years I’m writing a “Have We Really Been Doing This Twenty Two Years” I’d be surprised. I’m not sure how much life there is left in the old duck, but that duck in the sun won’t be up for a while… but you never ever know … do you?

And Thanks… to everyone who has supported us over what seems an eternity now!