Get Affiliate Inspiration from a Secret Millionaire

Last night (16th October), many affiliates tuned in to Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire as it featured Chris Brown. Chris is one of the guys behind and before that he was an affiliate working on the successful Holiday Watchdog website. He and Chris Clarkson have had amazing, and well deserved, success with their travel business.

In Secret Millionaire, millionaire’s pose as “other people” and visit communities in the hope to surprise them at the end with some financial support. Someone posted on Twitter that if a mystery person arrives with a film crew at your needy place in the future and doesn’t turn out to be a millionaire then you might be a tad disappointed.

Chris posed as a photographer and spent some time in Manchester. In the end he helped a number of people including Talbot House, Mustard Tree and a legend called Oscar who turned down Chris’ money, but accepted it in the form of toys for the kids. Chris came across brilliantly – a gadget loving family guy done good!

What I found interesting about the programme was the reaction via Twitter. For the most part reaction was excellent – most certainly from the affiliate community. Some twitter people were quick to dismiss Chris or decide they dislike him – for me that was quite eye opening. Mind you anyone who stepped out of line got short thrift from a certain Mr C Duncan!

What I especially liked about Chris on the programme was that it’s real stars were the people he helped – I’m still laughing at Bernie’s comment about living with her son “tins in the microwave – acceptable risk”. Other than a brief moment at the start you’d probably have no idea who Chris worked for or that he was involved in affiliate marketing.

But he is involved, and it’s nice to feel uplifted by an affiliate “done good”. An affiliate “done good” who’s actually a nice guy. He should be an inspiration to people and to others in the industry.

Chris, however, isn’t the only affiliate in this series of Secret Millionaire. Mark Pearson – “multimillionaire, philanthropist and all round good guy” – will be appearing on the 7th November 2010. Should be interesting!

However, you don’t need to be a millionaire or even a secret millionaire to do a bit of good to help people. One way is to join the Kiva Affiliates Team . By making small $25 loans you can help entrepreneurs around the world get started or further their own business.

The group, set up by Chris Frost, has so far made 457 loans totalling $12,600. That money gets repaid but most of the time it’s recycled into other Kiva projects. It’s a good way to do something – and something is better than nothing.

If you missed Chris Brown in action, and want to be inspired, then you catch up with the show via Channel4OD on Youtube.

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