Gaming Merchants, Affiliates & Pesky Landing Pages!

A lot of merchants in the game sector (poker, casino and bingo) love their landing pages. They also love foisting their landing pages on their affiliates. They also love to telling their affiliates how great these landing pages are. Yet, I can’t stand them! Many are carbuncles on the landscape of affiliate marketing designed solely to irritate, waste time, and cause good relationships to go sour.

Some operators are so fixated by landing pages that they completely ignore their affiliates (or in this case affiliate). It seems like they’re blinkered or that the only agenda for the affiliate manager is “must have landing pages”. Perhaps I’m blinkered in the other direction – i.e. “must be able to get to website” but there is reason for this….

Here’s just a few of the things that landing page designers forget…

1. Not Everyone Will Be a Newbie!

Some merchants seem to just want new business. They don’t want repeat visits or old players returning. This is true because their landing page won’t have an escape route for anyone other than a new player. The only way is “register now” and that’s it.

2. Not Everyone Will Be a Player!

From a content writing point of view it’s also a pain. Checking affiliate links is a useful exercise in itself and something that is done on a regular basis, but trying to get from Affiliate Site to seeing what’s on offer at a merchant’s site can be a battle and a half. If an affiliate struggles to get to the merchant site, so must a lot of users? Surely?

3. Not Everyone Uses Internet Explorer

A couple of times this month I’ve had a “look at out great new landing page” email sent to me with issues mentioned above taken into account. “Our players can now go straight to the site”! Well, they can if they have IE – if they have any other browser they can’t. You do wonder if people check these things out?

4. Content Goes Out Of Date

One of the big problems I have with landing pages is that quite often the content is time limited. Does the content change? No! Do my links redirect to the most up to date page? No! Which leads on to…

5. New Landing Pages = New Links!

Every time there’s a new landing page foisted upon me, there’s also a link change. Then there’s different links for different campaigns and different this, that and the other. So I have to make changes – when in reality I’d much prefer one universal, one size fits all link.

6. Tracking!!

Landing pages with tracking issues? Oh yes! Pages need to be checked, checked and checked again before being made live. This month one merchant we promote made link changes and our registrations dived. A switch back to old links and they normalised. The reason? The landing pages are wrong.

So What Would I Like?

I often get asked by gaming affiliate managers “what would you like”. Well, one link that never changes, that tracks properly, that tracks across multiple channels (poker, casino, bingo, sportsbook) and that lands on that channel’s home location.

If a landing page is a must, then yes I can compromise…. but I want one link to a page that’s future proof (e.g. showing the latest casino jackpots or current poker games), that will get newbies registering but also that allows returning players to return (the clue is in the title). Oh, and it needs to track properly too!

Not too much to ask now is it?